Malachite Sphere w/Stand

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Small MalachitecSphere 2.125” w/sphere stand. Malachite is the essence of joy and is known as the "stone of transformation" because it helps reveal and heal emotional pain by absorbing the pain into itself. It is especially helpful in bringing ease during times of change and gives the insight needed for personal growth. 
Widely used in therapies, energy healing, and Chakra balancing, Malachite crystal healing properties include regulating the menstrual cycle and cramps, easing labor pain, dealing with depression and anxiety, and drawing out the negative energies from the body. 
If you're drawn to the vibrant Malachite stone, it could mean that it's time for a change. Known as the stone of transformation, the Malachite properties help bring energy and focus to new growth while pruning off the brambles holding you back.


(malachite small sphere only- if interested in skull see malachite skull)

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